My Struggle with Body Dysmorphia

It is Sunday night at 7:41.  I had no intention of writing this week because I am currently drowning in pharmacology but I had a thought process that lead me right to my laptop.  Today (yesterday for those who are reading on this fine Monday) is September 23rd, 2018.  2 years ago I got surgery … Continue reading My Struggle with Body Dysmorphia

Nursing School Ain’t No Joke People

Hey everybody, I'm back! This was supposed to go live yesterday, but I ate Chipotle Sunday afternoon and got TERRIBLE food poisoning.  I was out of commission until literally right now, so happy Tuesday! As some of you know I have been taking a little hiatus from writing, mostly because I did not have the … Continue reading Nursing School Ain’t No Joke People

Let’s Talk Friends

The year after graduating college is weird and hard and confusing. You leave this place that has become home for the last four or five years of your life. You leave the comfort of your own apartment. You leave your schedule. You leave your friends. You all part ways, say I love you and try … Continue reading Let’s Talk Friends

Smile For the Camera

Six days before I traveled to Arizona to visit Joe he had asked me if I wanted to go to Sedona.  I had never been and honestly wasn’t even sure what it looked like.  I googled it and was in awe of just how gorgeous it was!  I automatically said yes and hatched a little … Continue reading Smile For the Camera

10 Things I am Grateful For

I thought it would be a good idea to express my gratitude in a short and simple list. This is something that people don't do enough and can be really helpful when you're feeling down!! *in no particular order 1. My body I am grateful to be fit and healthy and have a body that … Continue reading 10 Things I am Grateful For

5 Tips for getting back on track after vacation

Ya know when you've been traveling, and you are finally home, but you have to play catch up from all the time you were gone?  Unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping, yotta yotta yotta.  And you feel like you cannot get it together fast enough, you just cannot get ahead.  Well that is where I … Continue reading 5 Tips for getting back on track after vacation

Short and snappy

Sorry for posting later on in the day.  Yesterday I worked and then drove 6 hours in the pouring rain to Ohio to visit Joe.  He got a little break from baseball and wanted to go home so I took time off to come visit him.  We slept through every alarm we set this morning, … Continue reading Short and snappy

“I feel like I don’t know you”

This week I completely lost track of the days.  I finished school and then I flew to Arizona to spend a week with my fiancé.  I am still here, and let me tell you I could totally get used to this weather.  I might not be retuning, kidding, kidding. I have talked about being in … Continue reading “I feel like I don’t know you”

A for Accept

This past week was extremely stressful with finals, last minute half marathon prepping and getting things together before I got to Arizona to visit my man (insert heart eye emojis). I studied a lot for my microbiology final and I was disappointed leaving the class thinking I did not get an A.  I had worked … Continue reading A for Accept

Half Marathon- COMPLETE

I DID THE DANG THING Well it is official- I have checked off a bucket list item and have successfully run a half marathon!  It was hard, amazing, painful, fulfilling and just down right awesome.  The coolest part about it was to see how many people actually ran it. You had young, old, thin, thick, … Continue reading Half Marathon- COMPLETE