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SPRING CLEANING                  pic-the-power-of-positivity

As I roll into my spring break week I felt like it was my duty to do some spring cleaning.  I am not a hoarder, but I am the person who says, “I will wear that, I know it.”  4 years later it is still in my closet, and I still haven’t worn it.  Enough is enough.  This spring cleaning season I decided to be aggressive- first thing that came to mind I did it.  Either throw it out or keep it.

This got me thinking about a few things.

1- I am so lucky to have all of the things that I do. I mean no girl needs the amount of clothing or shoes that I have, that is just the truth.  So as I was putting things into the ‘throw away’ pile I felt fortunate to even have things to give up.

2- Organization is something I need to prioritize more.  There are certain parts of my life that are extremely organized, but my clothes and shoes are not one of them.  I am 100% one of those girls who throws shirts on the ground after trying them on and deciding not to wear them, and eventually my whole floor is covered to the point that it feels like no return.  I need to take more time and organize right away instead of doing it after the fact.

3- How amazing getting rid of things makes me feel.  Getting rid of an old high school field hockey t-shirt can only give you so much joy, right?  But what about taking it to the next level?  Getting rid of something you don’t need in your life, even if it is small, can have a HUGE impact.

This week I decided to try to eliminate negative self-talk. No more “You can’t do this,” “You aren’t good enough,” “You are fat,” “Your workout score isn’t good enough.”  Guess what?  Those thoughts still came into my head- but it is how I reacted to them that really mattered.  I instantly changed the narrative in my own head to a positive one.  I wasn’t constantly going through out the day and complimenting myself on how gosh darn awesome I am.  I simply just changed a negative thought into a positive one when it crept into my head.  YOU are your own worst enemy.    So cut out the negative talk for a day, a week, a month, a lifetime and see just how good it can make you feel.

Stay positive, be grateful xxx


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