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So sorry for the late posting- I was having some writers block.  I went on a 10 mile run this morning hoping the hour and a half of me, by myself, trying to ignore how bad my body hurt, would give me the perfect inspiration for this weeks post.  Unfortunately, nothing really came to me, so I carried on my day hoping something would strike me, and it did! (Thank god, because I was getting nervous).

As some of you may know from reading last weeks Half Marathon post, I am partaking in the Whole Life Challenge. For those who did not read, it is a 6-week challenge that focuses on developing good habits in 7 categories- nutrition, hydration, mobility, exercise, sleep, reflection and well-being.  Our well-being task changes every week, allowing us to practice developing even more small habits.

Week 1 is complete and overall I did really well!  The well-being task we focused on this week was setting one goal to make you feel successful and getting it done each day.  If it was completed you got the 5 points, and if it wasn’t you got 0.  Simple enough.  The week is over, and we now have another habit that we are focusing on. No more making a goal each day and getting the 5 points.

I was shopping at Wegmans this afternoon, trying to remember everything I needed for the week and I caught myself thinking, “You still have to complete your to-do goal” and then it hit me- I don’t technically have one.  That weeks challenge is over, I don’t get the points because I set my intention and got it done.  What I did realize is that I still want to have one! It was a habit that stuck with me, and something I unconsciously wanted to keep doing.

I have a tendency to make my to-do lists about 15 items long, and when I don’t accomplish everything on the list I feel, well, unaccomplished- and NOBODY likes feeling that way.  This challenge has taught me that I need to make my daily goals of high quality, not necessarily quantity.

Waking up every morning and setting an intention that will make you feel successful is something that works for me, and it only took a week for me to figure this out!!

This week I challenge you to wake up each morning (or decide the night before), and set a goal for you to accomplish that day.  One thing that will make you feel like you did something, and you did it well.  It could be to take your dog for a walk, do a load of laundry, meal prep, go for a run, whatever suits your fancy!  Just set it and get it done, it really is that simple.

Take a week and see how setting little goals, and accomplishing them makes you feel!

Happy Monday! Let’s smash this week!

Stay positive, be grateful xxx

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