A for Accept

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This past week was extremely stressful with finals, last minute half marathon prepping and getting things together before I got to Arizona to visit my man (insert heart eye emojis). I studied a lot for my microbiology final and I was disappointed leaving the class thinking I did not get an A.  I had worked hard but did not think I got a 90% on our cumulative final to get me an A in the class.

I woke up Friday morning with a notification on my phone saying my final grade had been upload.  I opened the notification and saw it said “A” written in the final grade slot.  I was confused and thought something was incorrect. I double and triple checked and I instantly started happy crying because I had indeed gotten and exact 90% on the final and gotten an A in the class, my hard worked paid off.  I was thrilled because it would look so good on my nursing applications for the spring semester of this year.

That same morning I had a dermatology appointment…  I would just like to make a PSA that being a dermatologist is a bomb job and you literally see patients for 2 seconds and tell them to keep doing what they’re doing and make lots of money doing so- so go them.  Anyways, I was driving home from the derm when I got a call from a random number.  But you know when its a random number because its not saved in your phone, but you know it?  I knew I had called this number and had a feeling it was from my school, so I answered it.  I was right.

It was the School of Health Professionals calling me.  A wonderful woman named Valerie introduced herself and asked me “Are you still interested in starting the nursing program in the fall of 2018?”  I literally did not reply for what seemed like a life time. I couldn’t speak.  I finally replied and said “Does this mean I got off the waitlist?” She laughed and said yes. Again- speechless.  I told her I had to talk to my mom and fiancé before I could make a decision, and I would know within 2 hour of whether or now I would accept or deny my seat in the program.

I would’ve bet my life I was not going to get off the waitlist for nursing school, so I had decided I was going to take some time off and move to East Lansing with Joe this fall and we were going to live together while he finished his degree.  I accepted that nursing school wasn’t ready for me, so I guess I wasn’t ready for it.  Joe and I were happy we would finally have quality time together.  I said to him even if I get off the waitlist, I am not going.  I had made my mind up.

I cried the entire way home after that phone call.

I was so confused and torn and overwhelmed and freaking proud of myself, I mean like helllllo, I just got into nursing school and that’s just down right cool. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, a curve ball gets thrown at me.  Joe and I talked for a while about what I should do.  I think we both knew deep down that I needed to start nursing school, we were just sad it meant more time apart.  He said we would be fine and that I needed to call that woman back and accept my seat, and he told me how proud of me he was.

I called Valerie back and accepted my seat in the nursing program.

I am officially enrolled in nursing school- a dream I have had for a long time.  It is finally happening and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy that it is!

I learned that sometimes just because you make a decision doesn’t mean it is the right one and it’s okay to change your mind.  I learned that living in the moment is the best thing you can do.  And pro and con list always prove to be helpful.  I learned that things ALWAYS work out the way they are supposed to, even if they aren’t the way you plan them.

Happy Monday loves, go get em.

Stay positive, be grateful xxx

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