Short and snappy

Sorry for posting later on in the day.  Yesterday I worked and then drove 6 hours in the pouring rain to Ohio to visit Joe.  He got a little break from baseball and wanted to go home so I took time off to come visit him.  We slept through every alarm we set this morning, so I guess you could say we were tired.  We are getting a little late start to the morning.  I normally get up at 4:45 am so us sleeping into 11 am today was strange for me, but I am not complaining!

I do not want to be on here long because I am realizing this could be the last time I see Joe for about 11 weeks.  That means I will have 11 Mondays to spend as much time as I would like writing for my blog after today.  But this Monday is a little different, I want to spend as much time as I can with him, so I apologize for my shortness.

I always get an anxious feeling when I know I have to say “see you later” for a lot longer than we would like.  The difference between 4 weeks and 11 weeks is HUGE.  I can feel myself getting getting uneasy as I know the minutes together are going by.

I promise I will have better content these next weeks, and content that doesn’t just revolve around Joe.  But I mean, COME ON, HES AMAZING.

The point I am taking away from this post this week is to be a little more present, focus on what is actually important and get off electronics & focus on PEOPLE!

Joey and I have to go look at churches for our wedding (: so off I go.

Thank you for reading- you all mean SO much to me.

Catch y’all next week!!

Stay postiive, be grateful xxx

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