5 Tips for getting back on track after vacation

Ya know when you’ve been traveling, and you are finally home, but you have to play catch up from all the time you were gone?  Unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping, yotta yotta yotta.  And you feel like you cannot get it together fast enough, you just cannot get ahead.  Well that is where I am- behind.

Routine is everything for me.  I thrive when I know exactly what I am doing and when.  It keeps things in order and allows me to get more done, and stay on top of my nutrition and working out schedule.

These past two weeks have been filled with plane rides, car trips, going to bed late, sleeping in, famous fast food, hotel gym works, ice cream dates and a whole lot of LOVE.  My trip to Arizona and Ohio to be with Joe were amazing, we had such a good time.  Was I good with my nutrition? Definitely not great.  Was I good with working out? Uhm, lets say I took some unexpected rest days.  Am I paying for it now? Abso-freaking-lutely. (My butt is screaming at me from my first Crossfit workout back & my tummy is a little bigger than normal.) Do I give a rats behind? HECK NO!! Do I currently have to remind myself because I don’t feel the greatest about my body?  Yes.

These next few weeks are about me trying to get back on track and making positive progress again!  Here are some of my tricks to getting going on being back to regular life after vacation.


This one is the most important. Everyone deserves a vacation.  We all need a little bad food, some yummy beverages, and time with family.  People deserve a break from their busy lives.  Every time a negative thought comes into my head about how I feel like I have lost progress I replace it with a thought of gratitude.  For this vacation I have been saying that I deserved time with Joe, and we had a great time.  I remind myself that its okay if I don’t feel as fit, because I can always get back to where I was, and even become better, but I can never get that time back that we had together.


I was literally craving kale when I got home from traveling.  I needed nutrient dense food.  I needed to refuel my body.  My body is still recovering, and I am still trying to kick this sugar addiction I obtained in 2 weeks, so I am helping it by increasing my vegetable intake.  I am experiencing headaches and increased fatigue and I just don’t feel “good” so I am trying to pump my body with healthy foods!


After indulging myself and being a victim of overeating a few times my stomach feels like it has stretched to the size of a watermelon.  I am a hungry girl according to my brain.  My body is missing those simple carbs that I was eating.  It really is amazing how fast you can get hooked on bad food.  So when I get hungry I force myself to drink a glass of water before to kinda take the edge off.  And I am constantly sipping on water throughout the day.  I could tell my skin was not happy with the fuel I was giving my body and the extra sun.  So I am really pushing fluids to battle this!

4- MOVE 

I don’t care how long I have been away from the gym or just how embarrassing it might be to see how much fitness I lost.  You have to start somewhere.  No one will judge you for missing a few workouts or maybe even gaining some weight.  I can guarantee you that you are WAY more likely to notice that then anyone else.  I have been stretching 10 mins every night before I go to bed because I can tell my body needs it!  I am tight and sore and need a little extra love.  You never regret a workout you do, so go and do one, no matter how long you’ve been away.


Isn’t it some crazy stuff how it takes almost double the time to make positive progress than it does to make negative progress?  I am currently feeling like all the progress I have made over the past month has been completely ruined by these 2 weeks. I am probably being dramatic, but I can tell I have gone backwards.  I will not make up the progress I have lost in a day, or even a week.  All I can do it take it one day at a time and make a conscious effort to be a little bit better today.

This will not be the last time I eat pizza and ice cream and In-and-Out Burger.  This will not be the last time I decide to sleep in and then go lay in the sun instead of doing a hotel workout.  This will not be the last time I feel like crap and have to dig myself out of a hole I have made.

My goal here is to figure out ways to help myself get on track faster than the last time I went on vacation.  I can tell you I have not been perfect, but I have been better, and that is all I am asking for.

I am so excited to start this week and get myself together by using these 5 tips.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your Monday with me! I appreciate ya’ll so much.

Stay positive, be grateful xxx

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