Smile For the Camera

Six days before I traveled to Arizona to visit Joe he had asked me if I wanted to go to Sedona.  I had never been and honestly wasn’t even sure what it looked like.  I googled it and was in awe of just how gorgeous it was!  I automatically said yes and hatched a little plan.  I wanted to get professional pictures done while we were there, another engagement shoot.  Joe wasn’t for the idea, but I was going to make it happen no matter what.  You only get engaged once, and go to Sedona while you are just seemed to good to be true. I searched on a wedding website called The Knot for Arizona area photographers, and I found one I really liked.  I reached out to her through Instagram and was lucky enough that she was available to shoot that exact day we were going to Sedona.  I was thrilled.

I know this post might seem superficial and dumb to some, but I am so happy I took a leap of faith and decided to do this.  These pictures will be something we will have forever.  A time stamp in our life that will always bring us back to that moment.  I got them back last week and they are more than I ever thought they could be!  So I am here just to share a few of my favorites.

This engagement shoot was fun, and I loved the pictures as a product, but I also realized just how beautiful our world is.  I realized how small we really are, and how mighty Mother Nature has been for thousands of years.  I hiked up a mountain that was the color of orange I did not know existed.  I looked over a cliff and felt so alive because I was terrified I could fall.  I put my hands and feet in perfectly nature made ruts so hoist myself up to the next park of the rock.  It was magical and exhilarating and beautiful.

Take a moment to realize just how small we are and look around at nature.  Look at what we get to stand on and look at everyday.  Take this week to appreciate the sun, trees, grass and animals a little more.


Photographer: Kali M Photos



Stay positive, be grateful xxx

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